Releasing AI security threads detection 2.0

As our services evolve, we have to make sure that our communications and mainly our platforms are 100% secure. We have to accept that nothing on the internet is 100% secure, though we are doing our best to make sure that there aren’t any data leaks, web attacks or hacking attempts to our services.

With the release of AI security threads detection 2.0, our DNS system can detect anomalies on a connection to any of our services and shut it down before it even connects to the systems. In addition to that, an advanced monitoring system works on the background to provide insights and performance analytics. That way, we protect our servers network from connections overflowing, since we triple verify any request that is done on the server.

Moreover, we have installed next generation certificates in our clients in order to improve deliverability and security. Additionally, since our services are built on top of new-generation databases which are hosted from providers like Google and Hetzner, we can be assured that they are taking security very seriously. The last step in connections verification is the use of visible and invisible recapchas that monitors your browsing activity before letting you access our online platforms.

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