Vasilis Skarleas Cloud

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud is an all in one web based project management tool, insights access point for your active website, a domain name handling platform, as well as professional emails and hosting information provider for your Vasilis Skarleas project. 

Features + functionality

It consists of different administration and project management tools. A cloud-based system designed to accelerate workflows and provide essential information in a secure environment for Vasilis Skarleas Clients. 

Domain name + your website

Register or transfer your domain name to Vasilis Skarleas Domains registrar is done through the Vasilis Skarleas Cloud system. Vasilis Skarleas Cloud also offers the possibility to renew your domain name.

Hosting plans

Associate a web project with a hosting plan and go public in a matter of moments. Full transparency of what is included in your hosting plan. Hosting is provided from external hosting partners like Hetzner, Cloudflare and Google Cloud.

Server access portal

Gain access to your web server via the KonsholeH framework. One click login and a matter of seconds you have advanced access to your website’s heart. 

Please note that this functionality is available if and only if you have a Spark hosting.

Project management

A dynamic environment from where you can access important details and information related to your development project. Progress status, developer notes, shared files and on-site direct messaging are some of the kew features. 

Professional email account

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud integrates with your web server in order to provide professional email accounts associated with your domain name. Find SMTP connection instructions, as well as each account’s credentials. 

If you do not have a dedicated web server, Vasilis Skarleas Cloud also integrates with Zoho Custom domain name emails services. Information including login access, credentials and forwarding options can be found on your dashboard. 

Website's insights & analytics

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud integrates with top class apps to provide to you advanced monitoring with, deep website analytics with Google Analytics and AI customized optimization of data with Looker Studio.

Updates and requests management

Once your project is completed, is important to have someone to keep it up and running. What if you want to change something, add a new page or delete an old one ? Well, our team is here for all your updates requests.

Check out your full record of previous and current updates requests, including any mandatory updates that our team had to perform.