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Manage it all, in this all new VScloud.

VScloud Connect keeps your team’s work on-brand, on message, and on time. Innovative features make managing and sharing your project's details.



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Project's details in one platform.

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud keeps a record of your website's details including Domain Name details, expiration date, hosting information, support records and updates requests

In-app communications & records

Contact your developer directly from the app's interface. Request and access all your assistance requests in a single platform.

Your updates requests now live in the VScloud Connect app. Ask for a chage on your project and we have you covered.

in-app communications, updates requests, support tickets and assistance
domain name check-in feature

Domain name check-in.

Renew your domain name directly from the app's dashboard. Access its name servers records and the expiration date.

Supercharged Notifications

Receive important notifications from our team related to your project

purchases records
Purchases records

Domain name renewals? No problem. Easily renew it and keep a record.

emails credentials
Emails credentials

Professional email credentials and connection instructions.

This platform runs much more

Several custom designed softwares run into the VScloud Core including the ChangemakerZ Portal, Vasilis Skarleas Media libraries, Lekitable's analytics, the GenZers to rise! Podcast Library and the ChangemakerZ App.


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No extra charges for the VScloud Integration. It comes along with our unlimited support guarantee. You are in charge of your hosting expenses. Not the cloud.

Feels great in low-light environments.

It works great with Dark Mode with endless experience in low-light environments. Available on mobile and browser experience.

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3x Experience

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