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About Vasilis Skarleas Cloud

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud is an all-in-one cloud based app for website analytics, domain name services, server access, update tracking, project management and more.

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud also integrates hosting solutions and professional email services for small and medium size companies.

VScloud Connect reimagined

and now rebranded

Available everywhere with VScloud Connect

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud is the main central platform that provides all the different services as explained on the previous question. VScloud Connect is mobile app of the Vasilis Skarleas Cloud that can be found on the App store and Play store. Moreover, VScloud Connect also refers to the Vasilis Skarleas Cloud as a service. 

Our key features

Project management tools

Check your project’s progress, access direct messaging, developer notes and publicly shared documents across the team.

Professional email account

Access your professional email accounts that are associated with your registered domain name.

Hosting and server access

Select a hosting plan for your web project with Vasilis Skarleas and gain access on advanced remote access to your web server.

Domain name services

Register, transfer or renew a domain name directly from your VScloud Connect account. In collaboration with Vasilis Skarleas Domains.

Website's insights & analytics

Advanced monitoring with, deep website analytics with Google Analytics and AI customized optimization of data with Looker Studio.

Updates management

Request an update and track previous requests regarding your web project.

Let's dive in

Domain name, hosting, updates and projects details in one single unified platform. 

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