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An eye to your website perfomnce, security measures and AI recommendations
vasilis skarleas cloud deep analytics with google analytics and data studio optimization by googlewebsite downtime records and operation status by Vasilis Skarleas Cloudrequest website update via Vasilis Skarleas Clouddomain name information and development process tracking
requeste updates for your website or blog

Requested updates for your website or blog.

Through Vasilis Skarleas Cloud application, you can request the update of your website or blog and an updates history will be generated.

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Server access and website's status notification

Server access and website's status notification.

For specific account types, you can access the server of your website and change the configuration on your own. Moreover, you can see the website updates of your website directly from your account.

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We integrated to your website and favourite apps.

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud integartes with top class apps to provide to you advanced monitoring with updown.io, deep website analytics with Google Analytics, AI customized optimization of data with Google Data Studio, server access via KonsholeH framework and domain name details with Papaki API.

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We do not offer for users to sign up directly on the cloud since our policy provides cloud services only to Vasilis Skarleas Customers and because we design customized pricing for every account. Please request your account from below.

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Set up account's integrations

Set up account's integrations

After we create your account, we will integrate all the different services and providers mentioned here.

Monitor analytics & collect engagement

Access your account to find out your website's analytics and the development tracking process, as well as all the other features mentioned here.

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