Please welcome password-less authentication

Starting from today, in order to access your VScloud Connect account, you won’t need anymore to use your password. Simple visit the website and click on Login. Enter your email address. You will receive an email with an OTP six-digit code. Insert the code to access your account.

If you are using the VScloud Connect app, simply enter your email address and once you have received the OTP code, submit the code to access the application.

NOTE: With this new password-less authentication mode, it’s not mandatory anymore to set up or use two factor authentication for your account. However, every time you login your account, you will be asked to select if you want to set up a two factor authentication mode. This means to select if you want to receive an additional code before accessing the platform through an SMS or a third-party authentication app.

This new authentication flow was brought to you by Kinde. Kinde is reinventing the way that software companies get started. They build beautifully simple dev-acceleration infrastructure to help build, launch, accelerate and protect software workflows.

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